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Baby steps -an excerpt from a Challenge Trip

“Just try to make it to that small Tree. If you break the hill into small sections, it makes the entire hill easier” This was the advice given from one team member to another while embarking on a Fifty mile … Continue reading

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Problem Solving 101; Who cares about the trains anyway?

If you mention story problems to most adults, the most common one that they recall is about two trains.  Now, let’s be serious.  When have you ever tried to figure out when two trains heading in the same direction would … Continue reading

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Addictive Thinking as it Applies to Passes

How’d your pass go? My heart hopes that it went well but it also tells me to prepare for inevitable “but….” Because well, we’re in the business of contingencies and “buts”. We’re in the business of things not going well. … Continue reading

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Nature teaches a lesson -from a Summit Prep parent

Today has been a bad day.  I’m particularly sad and have been very confused about the degree of this sadness. My morning began as usual. Up early, dressed, cared for my Girls (two little sweet dogs), hot piping coffee and … Continue reading

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