Puppy Love

by Katie Hausauer

At the beginning of Summer Block a new schedule for the weekends was introduced.  One of the changes made space for a team day each weekend, allowing for more team time.  As a residential counselor, I work to use this time effectively to cater to the needs of the team.  The girls on Team Neon were anticipating the upcoming shift and collaborated as a team to get in good standing to go off campus.  I matched their efforts and planned a team day to reward their hard work; with an afternoon spent with Golden Retriever puppies.

After packing lunches, the girls and I drove to my mom and her partner’s ranch in Whitefish.  We were greeted by my parents, clear skies, a rambunctious Wiley (Father to the nine pups), and an exhausted Bitty (Mother/sole nutrition supplier for the NINE hungry pups.)  After introductions the ladies made their way into the house to meet the puppies.  The rest of the afternoon seemed to fly by.  The girls spent hours cuddling, naming, and marveling at the newborn puppies.  Team Neon noticed the sweet details of week old puppies, like the way they root around for their mother and the remarkable nurturing ability of a dog mother.  The girls spent some time brainstorming names for the puppies and came up with a few names such as Oscar, Yoli, Ranger, and Phoebe. We commenced our evening by roasting hot dogs and making s’mores around the fire pit.  After a day full of puppy breath and good memories we hopped in the car and headed back to campus.  Spending the day with puppies was a day with Team Neon I will certainly not forget, however the real gift of the day was the tender hearted nature the girls brought to the day.  We all left feeling rejuvenated and ardent for the future team days in store for us this Summer.

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