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International Learning

by Shelley Eberhardy Academic Dean In March of 2017, I had the wonderful opportunity to travel to the Galapagos Islands with 9 Summit students and 2 staff. Going into the trip, I had my expectations. I was excited to see … Continue reading

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Puppy Love

by Katie Hausauer At the beginning of Summer Block a new schedule for the weekends was introduced.  One of the changes made space for a team day each weekend, allowing for more team time.  As a residential counselor, I work to … Continue reading

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On the Eve of My Retirement

by Judy Heleva Admissions Director Creeping up on the eve of my retirement, I cannot help but reflect upon my last 13 years spending every workday on the winding roads here in Montana on my way to campus. I chose from … Continue reading

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What are YOU Going to do About It?

Recently Summit Prep said goodbye to Blake, a residential counselor. He is heading back to school to become a teacher. Residential Counselors play a key role in the lives of our students. It is through their support and positive guidance … Continue reading

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A Trek Through Yellowstone with Focus and Purpose

By Sara Smithson MSW Clinical Therapist I’m not one to read too much into omens, but I passed two rainbows and a bald eagle as I drove up the road to Summit to begin our Spring 2016 Challenge Trip, which … Continue reading

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